Successful business of Ljiljana Vulić, AgroLib market user

Ljiljana Vulić from the village of Staro Lanište, an AgroLib market user, who produces mats, organized a little celebration of her expansion of production on 23 September 2013. Besides the members of the AgroLib team from the Jagodina library, among the guests were the representatives of the Agency for small and medium enterprises and registered agricultural households, a civic association Etno forma from Jagodina as well as other NGOs and a crew from a local TV station RTJ.
This is a second time that Ljiljana received incentives from the state and used them to build a facility where she would produce and exhibit her products made of reed. In the application process, she got help from the Agency for small and medium enterprises and registered agricultural households, which is a partner of AgroLib project. Receiving the incentives for the second time shows that Ljiljana is serious in her work and her successful manufacturing is a guarantee for her future business.
Ljiljana has a user’s profile on AgroLib website within the AgroLib marketplace ( ) and her private business with making mats started improving after she became a user of AgroLib project services. She applied for incentives at the Employment Service Agency and started with the production. In addition to that, she owns a certificate for old craft production. As a successful user of Agrolib services, she got free businesses cards and flayers from the library as a gift.
As Ljiljana says, people usually find her through AgroLib website. Most of them are from big cities like Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad. She sends each order by courier to people’s home address and the customers are very happy with the service and the quality of mats.
The thing that I find very interesting is that mats are today used for various purposes. For example, as deck chairs, for sun protection, decoration, partition walls, etc. Perhaps, the most popular use today is as protection from geopathogenic radiation and there are more and more people who order mats for this reason”, adds Ljiljana.

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