Milk safety lecture

The topic of sanitary quality of milk and dairy products was discussed at the lecture held on 27 February 2013. at the packed hall of the Glogovac library.

The lecturer was Ms Svetlana Ivanović, environmental engineer. The topic sparked great interest of present farmers from Glogovac and surrounding villages.

During the lecture, the following important facts were presented:

  • The facility cleaning should be done at least 1 hour before milking.
  • Washing cows should be done between the two milkings.
  • When a cow is being milked, it must be still, and noise should not be made at the barn.
  • Before milking, a cow’s tail should be linked to the tail, and a person milking the cow should wear work clothes and wash hands in a special disinfectant!!!
  • The first jets of milk are to be milked on the black surface or into a separate container.
  • If you notice any changes, call a vet
  • The first jets of milk are never to be milked onto the floor of the barn or hands.

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