Serbian magaza at the Library

On 13 March 2012, the Jagodina Library hosted a lecture Advancements in marketing agricultural products of small producers. The lecturers were: Mile Bošnjić, farming engineer, and Dragan Sajić, telecommunication engineer, from the association Srpska magaza, our new project partner.
Srpska magaza operates for 12 years as association in the municipality of Ljig. The goal of the association is improvement of competitiveness of the rural economy within the new model which combines production, marketing and sale of products and services of rural households and rural tourism development. The basis of the whole concept is to promote tradition through building, products and joint work and the purpose is to encourage agricultural and handicraft production and ensuring constant sales by expanding the range of existing products.
The ultimate goal is to expand the concept of Srpska magaza to other regions in Serbia in order to consolidate promotion of local rural households form different parts of Serbia.
Lecturers gave numerous examples from their experience and previous cooperation with agricultural produ all over Serbia. The interaction between them and the visitors was exceptional. Also, they gave to all visitors a gift /different agricultural products) and that is how they showed that good ideas, product design and packaging are important for sales. Most farmers were interested in further cooperation with the association.


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