Glavinci Library Day

The Library Otvorena Knjiga in the village of Glavinci celebrated its patron saint’s day St Stefan, the Archdeacon in the presence of many local residents and visitors.  Children who live in the village and use the library services also celebrate that day with the librarian Ružica Popović. It is the third year in a row that they prepare a special program for the Library Day.

There was appropriate cultural and artistic program consisting of recitals, traditional folk songs and sayings by the senior residents. Particular attention was drawn to the girls who were selling handicrafts made of materials stored for recycling.  There were mats, bracelets, doll quilts, linen pillowcases that visitors could buy. All the participants were the users of the village library.

The members of AgroLib market joined the, as well as the members of the Association for herbs and environmental protection of Serbia –Izvor who exhibited wild and cultivated medicinal and edible plants and products based on the said plants. All of the visitors who were interested were informed about the usefulness of this plant.

Both exhibitions were hosted in front of the Cultural center in Glavinci. Afterwards, there was a cocktail party with the best Serbian lenten dishes prepared by the members of the cultural and artistic society Poselo and the Association of Women. The visitors enjoyed traditional music and dancing so that folk tradition and creativity were not forgotten.

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