Gathering of beekeepers in Bagrdan

On Saturday, 30 July in Bagrdan, a traditional gathering of beekeepers was hosted. It was organized by members of a beekeeping associaiton Pčelar from Bagrdan. Guests were the vise-president of the Beekeping Association of Serbia and coordiantors for EU projects for Apimondia and Apislavia, Milutin Bata Petrović, as well as representatives of beekeeping associatons from Ćuprija and Svilajnac and a representative of the AgroLib Ja project, Ivica Lazarević. The gathering started in Donje Komarice and afterwards, they visited the beekeeping farm of the Brajković family. They also visited the beekeeping association Pčelar in Bagrdan and the village library. The president of a bekeeping association in Ćuprija gave a monograph of beekeepers from Ćuprija. The present beekeepers discussed the needs and problems in their profession.


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