Villagers from Glavinci petitioned the local government, demanding high-speed internet for the whole village

The Glavinci village library got high-speed internet. The Jagodina Public Library contributed to setting up the high-speed internet by the company Interkom from Ćuprija. Local government provided the consent of the factory Fabrika kablova to put the access point for wireless internet on one of the factory’s tanks. Starting from 26 February, the internet is available to the Glavinci library users and in farmers’ homes in Glavinci and nearby villages.
The Glavinci library is a part of the AgroLib Ja project implemented by the Jagodina Library. The library is very successful in its activities and services for rural residents:
refurbishment of the library premises;
renewal of existing book fund with serial and monograph publications;
vocational education for farmers and the village librarians;
ICT training for farmers and the village librarians.

Before the project, there was no Internet access in the library. With the AgroLib project, the 3G net was set up. Due to technical difficulties, setting up high-speed internet was not possible. School children and young people are interested in using the Internet in the library. Even though the Internet connection was slow, the Glavinci library had 3,469 Internet users in the previous year. That is why the librarian Ružica Popović, initiated the petition of the villagers, and there were 33 people who signed it.

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