Lecture on apitherapy

On Friday, 1st February, in a crowded room at the Jagodina library, a lecture on apitherapy was held. Apitherapy involves treatment with honey, royal jelly, pollen, bee wax and bee venom.

According to our guest Dr. Ljubinka Stojković, therapy is completely natural and safe for human health. Dr. Stojkovic is a general practitioner and professional phytoterapsit and apitherapist. She chose phytotherapy and apitherapy and got license in June 2009 by the Ministry of Health and became the only licensed therapist.

In her office WIZARD in Nis, she treats her patients according to the methods of both classical and traditional medicine. There are a lot of people who were cured of diabetes, cancers of all kinds, psoriasis, infertility, growth failure in children, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

The purpose of the lecture was to introduce prevention of viral infections with products from the honey pharmacy, since winter brings viral infections and respiratory tract infections.

After the lecture, visitors were able to get information they needed regarding their health or health of their family members and friends, or to get recipes from Dr. Stojković for preparing natural products based on herbs and bee products.

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