Lectures on beekeeping in Bagrdan and Glavinci

Mića Mladenović, professor, talked about preparations of bee associations for winter, spring development of bees and protection from diseases in the lecture held in village libraries in Cultural centers in Bagrdan and Glavinci. Professor Mića Mladenović is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun, University of Belgrade. The interest for these lectures was tremendous, and both lectures had a great attendance. Many beekeepers from the surrounding villages attended the lectures in both villages.

The lecture was very educational and especially important for young beekeepers because most of the older ones have already dealt with the esteemed professor. After the lecture, the beekeepers asked questions, and the respected expert gave detailed answers. This lecture was excellent due to the fact that Dr. Mića Mladenović also has enviable knowledge in practice because he himself is into beekeeping and honey production.

Prof. Mića Mladenović has published more than 200 professional papers in international and national journals with peer review, in proceedings of international and national conferences, out of which 84 independently and 117 as a co-author, 124 professional papers and three textbooks, and two chapters in monographs. He participated in the implementation of an international and ten national projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and 19 funded by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia. He was the head of 16 development projects, elaborates on the protection of geographic origin and education of beekeepers in Serbia. He patented 5 new products at the Institute of Intellectual Property. He was a mentor or a member of the Committee for presenting more than 165 graduate works in Belgrade, Banja Luka and Priština. He was a mentor for 162 works, 6 specialist papers and 3 Ph.D. dissertations, and now he is a mentor for 5 Ph.D. theses. He has received dozens of letters of thanks and certificates of Beekeepers Societies in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Plaques of the Cultural associations of Belgrade (1984), the Plaque of Ćuprija (1988), Golden Badge of Beekeepers Association of Serbia (1991), a coin of Belgrade (1992), a diploma of SPOS Jovan Živanović(1996) and the award Zlatna kap from Timomed in 1998 and 2003.
He was a president of the Beekeepers Association of Yugoslavia (2000-2004). A vice president of the Beekeepers Association of Belgrade (1991-2000), the acting editor of the magazine Beekeeper (2000/2001), a member and president of the Publishing Council and Editorial Board (1991-2005) several times of the same magazine, a president of the International Commission for Honey and other bee products evaluation at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad (1998-2010), honorary member of the Association of Professional Beekeepers of Serbia and the Association of Queen Bees Breeders of Serbia, a member of the Scientific Expert Council of the Ministry of Agriculture (1998-2003) and a member of the Biotechnology Council of the University of Pristina with the office in Kosovska Mitrovica (2002-2010). He was the head of the Department of Pomology (2006-2008) and the Director of the Institute of Pomology and Viticulture, ie. the president of Teaching and Scientific Council of the same department (2007-2009) and the acting director of FOD Radmilovac in 2008. He has organized XVII scientific and professional consultations with international participation, XXII calling and selling bee products exhibition and 3 fair exhibitions- City of Honey at the Food Fair in Belgrade.


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