Lecture on blueberries

Blueberry is a relatively new plant in our country and is still not well-known. It is a type of fruit with lifetime over fifty years. In the United States there are plantations that are over sixty years old and still bearing fruit.  Due to its healing properties, it is very popular fruit species. Despite the increase in world production, its price is still high. Growing blueberry  can make a very good profit to its producers, but it also requires a serious investment in its production. Serbia, with its natural agro-meteorological conditions is a great place for growing blueberries. It is a specific fruit type and requires uniqueness in the way of its growing.  Our producers have to meet clearly-defined requirements in order to start with blueberry production.
On Saturday, 26th January  in two rural libraries and the public library , Mr Gvozden Dželatović and Mr Nenad Petrović, blueberry growers, talked about its growing. They are also members of the Agricultural Cooperative Prima-borovnica in Belanovica, which specializes in selling and buying blueberry  plants. http://prima-borovnica.com/blueberry/
This topic generated great interest among farmers. A lot of farmers from both Jagodina and Despotovac municipality attended the lecture. Also, we noticed that there were people with the idea to start family business.  A complete story  about seedlings sale and purchase of the produce; possibilities to hear growers’ experiences, advice and opinions provoked further interest and constructive dialogue in all three presentations.
There were other farmers who are engaged in the production of blueberries, therefore during official lectures, dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experiences were initiated. There was conversation about the satisfaction with the launched cooperation between blueberry growers and possibilities for blueberry growers in Jagodina municipality to establish an association or a cooperative, on the model of Prima-borovnica from Belanovica.
Our project partner, the Agency for Small and Medium enterprises and Registered Households informed the present about the possibility to use tax obligations, and terms for financial incentives regarding some of the activities in agricultural production.

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