Computer training for farmers started

At the Glavinci village library, on Monday 18 February 2013, computer training for the first six farmers from the area started. The trainees are not only locals, but also people form surrounding villages where there are no libraries. They had positive work atmosphere, the trainees had different level of computer knowledge, so the lecturers Jelena Dimitrijevic and Bojan Novcic were very busy. Some of the trainees wanted to start with basics, while others wanted to start with using Skype and social networks. All of them got a booklet that they would read at home and find out more about computers use. The training will last for a week, an hour a day. Since there are many people who applied for the training, the training will last for one more week. The Glavinci Library, within the third series of computer training, got three books on IC literacy from the National Library. These are: Желим да научим Интернет (I want to Learn How to Use the Internet), Желим да научим Ексел (I Want to Learn How to Use Excel) and Први корак (First Step).

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