Fast-growing trees-Paulownia

The lecture on a fast-growing tree, native to China, caused great interest of farmers. In packed library halls in Bunar and Bagrdan and the hall of the Jagodina library, Mr Rade Damjanović from Jagodina, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, talked about Paulownia which has great potential use and earnings for growers. The lectures were held on Friday, 1 March in the Bunar library and on Saturday, 2 March in the Jagodina and Bagrdan libraries.
What is Paulownia?

It is a deciduous tree, native to China, which is characterized by extremely rapid growth, quality timber, huge leaves and beautiful flowers and is 100% useful. The leaf grows to 70 cm in diameter, and the tree itself up to 20m. The flower has the shape of grapes, pink to purple, with lovely smell.

The aim of the lectures in the town and village libraries is to have experts talking about the business opportunities in agriculture as well as best practices of successful farmers, so that all those who would engage in certain branches of agriculture in the future obtain accurate information and good advice. Also, our intention is for farmers who are engaged in the same branch of agriculture to meet in the library for further cooperation and forming beneficial associations.

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