A new series of ICT training for farmers

The Jagodina Public Library launched a new series of ICT training for farmers on 16 December.
ICT trainer is Bojan Novcic, who was also one of the ICT trainers in Febryary and March 2013.

The training is designed for those who are totally new to using a computer, or those who have some skills but need more confidence.
They start with the very basics, move to producing texts, creating email accounts and using emails, and finally they get tips on how to get best out of the Internet. The AgroLib marketplace is introduced to them, as well as how to use it, and all other relevant websites about agricuture.

This series of training is different because the group meets three times a week for two weeks (instead every day for a week). People have more time for revizing since they all get booklets that the ICT trainer created for the previous series of ICT training.

We have noticed that each year we have more and more women who apply for the training.
We expect to have more groups.

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