Continuing education for farmers

On Monday, 25 February IT trainings for farmers in the Glavinci library and in the Internet center of the Jagodina library started.
In the second group of farmers from Glavinci (the first group completed the training successfully) are people who do not have any computer skills. The teacher, Bojan Novčić, is teaching them how to use Windows operating system, opening and sending e-mails, picture downloading, using Google as a search engine, and visiting the agricultural websites and the website of Serbian Ministry of Agriculture.
For farmers who do not have libraries in their villages, the training is being held at the Jagodina library. The group consists of farmers who basics of computer use, but cannot find the right information about the state subsidies, filling in agricultural forms, selling and buying on the Internet. The teachers have made booklets based on different levels of knowledge, so farmers can revise at home what they learn at the libraries.

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