Lectures on bee-keeping held in Bagrdan and Jagodina

The Jagodina Library hosted a closing lecture  Wintering, spring development, preparation for main bee pasture, swarming and care of bees on 8th March 2013 for bee-keepers in the Bagrdan Library and the Jagodina Library.

The topic was very popular for this time of year and the number of bee-keepers attending the lecture showed great interest in it. The reading-room of the Jagodina Library was full of people and there were no empty seats at all. We were satisfied with the number of people. The bee-keepers were satisfied because, as they said, the lecture was  excellent, useful and interesting even to those who were beginners in bee-keeping. The lecturer shared very generously all his experiences with the audience, giving them advice and answering to numerous questions.

New things they could hear at the lecture were how to form bee swarms, nurture and suppress uncontrolled swarming, what the new ways of packaging and transportation of bees were,etc.

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