AgroLib market member sold 1 ton of pears through online AgroLib marketplace

Miodrag Jevtić,a farmer from the village of Miloševo is another farmer who successfully uses AgroLib marketplace. The librarian in Bagrdan library was very excited to hear his story of how he managed to sell his pears.

„I have a registered farm-a pear orchard with 963 seedlings on 50 acres that I planted in 2010. I lost my job and that is how I started doing agriculture. I do almost everything by myself. I decided to plant pears because my orchard was not very big and I had to opt for agricultural production that would provide me with decent and economically viable yields.

I registered on Agrolib marketplace, but did not expect much. I simply could not believe that it would be possible to sell pears through the Internet. One day, there was this man from Kruševac calling me because he needed pears for making brandy. He ordered a ton of pears from me. It was my pleasure to do business with him. There were people who wanted to order 5 wagons of pears, but unfortunately I could not meet their demand because I am still a small producer. In the near future, I will try to expand my production.“

Such stories of AgroLib users show that the AgroLib marketplace really meets its purpose. We are sure that there are a lot more farmers who use the on-line marketplace successfully, but their examples do not reach us.

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