A librarian at the service of the users

Besides the lecturers themselves, project partners, i.e. the Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises and Registered Agricultural Households participate in all lectures organized by the AgroLib Ja team. At one of the lectures, the farmers’ attention was drawn to the deadline to apply for incentives for fattening of young cattle. Our colleague Ružica Popović, who works in the library branch in Glavinci, took a very responsible task. She informed farmers who fatten young cattle from Glavinci, Ivkovački Prnjavor, Bresje, Leštar, Medojevac, Dragoševac ,Topola and the surrounding villages to submit applications on time and bring all required documentation in order to receive inventive payments. The deadline was 31 January 2013. This expands the role of the librarian and it is not just the job of book publishing, but much more than that, because librarians assist their users in finding the information they need.

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