The American Library Association in Las Vegas, award for innovative library project

Public Library „Radislav Nikcevic“ in Jagodina received on Monday, June 30 in Las Vegas at the annual conference of the American Library Association (American Library Association) prestigious award of the Association for innovative international library project.

The award is the director of the library, Vesna Crnkovic handed President of the oldest and largest association of librarians in the world, Barbara Stripling, then read the explanation of the jury:

The American Library Association is awarded in recognition of innovative international library project in 2014, the National Library in Jagodina and its network of five rural library branches:

  • To identify needs and develop a creative programs that help its development,
  • For the successful implementation of information technology in rural communities,
  • For demonstaciju examples of good practice through sharing experiences and knowledge with libraries around the world,
  • To point out the importance and central role of libraries in the intellectual and economic development of communities,
  • For the development of sustainable projects through various research funding opportunities.

After that, a solemn meeting addr2759essed the director of the library in Jagodina, Vesna Crnkovic.

„Dear Chairwoman Barbara Stripling, dear colleagues and friends,

Today I have the great honor and pleasure that on behalf of the National Library „Radilsav Nikčević“ in Jagodina, Serbia, receive the Presidential Award for innovative international projects. Project Agricultural Library in Jagodina got so far three awards from the American organization Beyond Access, at the World Congress of Information Technology in Geneva in 2013 by ERSTE Foundation for Social Integration in Vienna.

The award, which is now receiving, Presidential Award for innovative international projects the American Library Association for 2014, is the culmination of the success of this project and we hope that in the future will be an example to other librarians how to adapt these project services needs of rural people.

Once again I thank the Roundtable on International Relations was to recognize the value of the project Agricultural Library in Jagodina, I thank all of the librarians at the National Library of Jagodina, parntrima, volunteers, farmers, who with much love and enthusiasm built and implemented the project Agricultural Library in Jagodina. I would especially like to thank the Library Association of Serbia, which was nominated for the award project.

I bring you a lot of hot greetings from all of them from distant Serbia.
Thank you. „

Presidential Award for innovative international projects the American Library Association for 2014 were received and State Library of Queensland in Australia, ZLB library in Berlin, as well as the Library „Fran Galović“ in Koprivnica in Croatia.

Author: Vesna Crnkovic

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