Agrolib market connects farmers

A young farmer from Raševica near Paraćin, Aleksandar Canić, managed to buy seedbed cultivator through Agrolib market. He found out, thorough our site, where he could buy that machine, but he couldn’t find out the price. Therefore, he scheduled the cooperation with a farmer from Sedlare near Svilajnac. After a mutual agreement, Mr Canić bought the machine, while the seller managed to provide money for a new 8-row corn planter.
Besides this machine, he also bought a manure spreader, also through Agrolib market.
Since 2012 he has got a different assortment, he gets information about on the Internet and in the library through the journals for farmers.
Aleksandar Canić, graduate agricultural engineer for livestock is unemployed. He is engaged in agriculture for 4 years actively and uses his expertise completely.

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