AgroLib I presented in Pancevo

On 30 October 2012, the Jagodina Public Library presented their successful AgroLib-Ja project and online marketplace at a reception in the Pančevo City Hall.
The event was hosted by Pančevo City Council’s Department for Village and Rural Development and Pančevo Public Library. Presidents of local community councils and farmers’ associations, librarians and directors of cultural centres from southern Serbia were present.
Pančevo is the administrative centre of Serbia’s South Banat District. Ms Vesna Crnkovic, director of Public Library Radislav Nikčević, recommended the launch of a service for farmers, modelled on AgroLib-Ja, in Banat.
Librarians in Pančevo conlcuded that more attention should be paid to international call for grants by non-profit organizations. They think that donations would encourage local government to start solving problems in the Pančevo library, just like the example of the Jagodina library shows.

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